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This website is dedicated to the free publication of a philosophical enquiry concerning ontology and epistemology.

The completion of the work is anticipated to take years, if not not decades. Sections will be uploaded as their revision becomes finalized—and will be denoted with a bullet (•) in the table of contents. Sections not yet uploaded are provisionally listed for reference, and are subject to change. All contents are offered as public domain under the CC-0 license.

If you have questions or would like to be informed of newly uploaded chapters via email, please contact me—Michael W Moiceanu—at

Update (Jan. 1, 2022): Though I know this won’t do wonders for my public appeal, I am as of yet not ready to upload Part 3 of Volume One despite having anticipated doing so over a year ago. If interested, this is in part due to my prioritizing other endeavors in my life (which to me takes precedence) and in part due to my reworking the arguments for this section’s conclusions—this so as to make them both more accessible and robust—which in turn now requires that I rethink how current chapters will influence subsequent ones. Though I’m yet hoping to upload this section toward the later portions of this year, my apologies for the delay, if required.

An Enquiry into the Nature of Being

Michael W Moiceanu (MWMoiceanu)

• Preface

Preface Stub

Volume One: Certainty, Awareness, Will, Mind, and Selfhood

• Part I: Foundational Principles

Chapter 1: Demarcating Certainty, Uncertainty, and Doubt

Chapter 2: The Cohort of All Those Concerned

Chapter 3: Validating The Law of Non-contradiction

• Part 2: Awareness

Chapter 4: The Reality of the Eidem

Chapter 5: Our Four Modes of Awareness

Chapter 6: Our Three Strata of Awareness as Eidems

Chapter 7: Demarcating Consciousness

Part 3: Causation, Volition, and its Determinants

Chapter 8: Concerning Determinants

Chapter 9: Conceivable Types of Causes

Chapter 10: Three Mutually Exclusive Types of Causal Reality

Chapter 11: Validating Freewill

Chapter 12: Volition’s Basic Determinants, Part I

Chapter 13: Volition’s Basic Determinants, Part II

Chapter 14: Volitional Happiness and Volitional Suffering

Chapter 15: Of Uncertainty and Choice

Part 4: Negating the Logical Possibility of Solipsism

Chapter 16: An Eidem’s Discernment of its Body

Chapter 17: Requirements for Effect Production

Chapter 18: The Impossibility of Being the Sole Eidem in Existence

Part 5: Mind

Chapter 19: An Eidem-Inclusive Bundle Theory of Mind

Chapter 20: Enactive, Inherent, and Disjoined Volitions

Chapter 21: Concerning Thought

Chapter 22: Concerning Memory

Chapter 23: Concerning Forethought

Chapter 24: Concerning Expectations

Chapter 25: Concerning Selfhood

Chapter 26: Concerning Self-Awareness

Chapter 27: Concerning the Animus and the Anima

Chapter 28: Happiness and Suffering Revisited

Volume Two: Forms, Objectivity, Compatibilism, Truth, and Value

Part 8: Form Determinacy

Chapter 29: Formal Interdeterminacy

Chapter 30: Four Jointly Exhaustive Possibilities of Form

Chapter 31: Of Relations between Body and Mind

Part 9: Deriving the Metaphysics of Objectivity

Chapter 32: Concurrences of Eidems

Chapter 33: Four Jointly Exhaustive Types of Reality

Chapter 34: Concerning the Two Types of Objective Reality

Chapter 35: Retroactive Compatibilism

Chapter 36: Progressive Uniformitarianism

Chapter 37: Concerning the Paranatural

Part 10: Concerning Truth and Belief

Chapter 38: Four Truth Types

Chapter 39: Of Trust and Belief

Chapter 40: Enactive, Learned, and Innate Trust

Part 11: Value Theory

Chapter 41: The Identity Preservation Drive

Chapter 42: Deriving What Should be from that Endstate Scenario which Is

Chapter 43: The Selflessness Endstate

Chapter 44: The Supremacy Endstate

Chapter 45: The Stasis Endstate

Chapter 46: The Nonbeing Endstate

Chapter 47: The Null Endstate

Chapter 48: Compound Teloi and Teloi Concessions

Chapter 49: Competition between Teloi

Volume Three: Reasoning, Epistemology, Spacetime, Aesthetics, and Science

Part 12: Reasoning

Chapter 50: Logical Identity, Noncontradiction, and the Excluded Middle

Chapter 51: Of Form and Causal Information

Chapter 52: Of Reasoning and Justification

Chapter 53: Of Pre-Socratic Logos and the Notion of Karma

Chapter 54: Abductions, Inductions, and Deductions

Chapter 55: Of Numbers and Mathematics

Part 13: Epistemology

Chapter 56: Justification

Chapter 57: Knowledge

Chapter 58: Understanding

Part 14: Spacetime

Chapter 59: The Intrasubjective Present Moment

Chapter 60: The Diasubjective Present Moment

Chapter 61: Intra-, Inter-, and Dia-syncretic Spacetime

Part 15: Aesthetics

Chapter 62: Biological Fairness

Chapter 63: Psychological Fairness

Chapter 64: Conceptual Fairness

Part 16: Science

Chapter 65: The Scientific Method

Chapter 66: Natural Selection

Chapter 67: On the Emergence of Life from Nonlife

Chapter 68: Concerning the Beginning and End of the Universe